Graphic Annunciators

Graphic Annunciators are Fire Alarm Equipment which show the fire alarm device locations within the floor layout. It provides valuable information to firefighters and rescue personnel about the exact locations of exits, alarms, hoses and fireboxes to increase safety and response time.


Unroll strap in and go…The unique and innovative design enables you to move a patient up or down stairs as well as across all types of terrain.
Perfect for safe and effective evaucation of frail or imoble children or adults..rated to 453kg (1000lbs)


HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL EVACUATION? With a ‘SKI’ Evacuation Sheet You Can Cope!

Use a ‘SKI’ Sheet for progressive horizontal evacuation and if the fire develops or the need arises, you have the means of moving non-ambulant patients quickly and easily down stairs and fire escapes to safety.


We know prevention is the best solution and how quickly a fire can arise. Protect your family or business with fire safety training or by developing a fire safety plan, your owner’s manual to fire safety.


Fire prevention is a full time job, don’t forget to thank all the hard working fire safety workers during Fire Prevention Week October 9th to 15th, 2016.
This is also a great opportunity to change the batteries in your smoke and CO alarms.


Find your way in the dark with our photoluminescence path markers and safety signs that will deliver consistent and instant illumination following power failures. Photoluminescent exit signs and safety products do not consume electricity and recharge daily.

About RMcGill Fire Safety Inspections

Ray wanted to develop a business (RMI – RMcgill Inspections) that allowed him to tap into his expertise as an electronic engineering technologist and certified CFAA (Canadian Fire Alarm Association) fire alarm technician. Ray is a certified Technician (C.Tech.) through OACETT (Ontario Association for Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists). With more than 25 years in the Fire Alarm Industry, Ray is adept at following current technology, Fire and Building Code changes and providing product knowledge. RMcgill Inspections assists clients to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to Life Safety that is both comprehensive and straight forward. RMcgill Inspections specializes in developing Fire Safety Plans which can include AutoCAD drawings. Many clients have asked that we work directly with the Fire Department on compliance issues while others have asked for customized training. In addition we would be happy to provide you with life safety products and inspections such as Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Lights, Smoke & Carbon monoxide detectors. Our rates are reasonable and we are dedicated to ensure your needs are met.


A few RMcgill Inspections Clients include:


``Excellent customer service and attention to detail! RMcgill Inspections supported our fire safety needs and provided us with comprehensive solutions and user friendly Fire Safety Plans. We won't hesitate to work with Ray again in the future.``- Community Living York South
``……the sections for emergency procedures, building description, alternative measures, and fire drills are not only great for the staff, but they will be an asset to responding firefighters as well. Thanks for a great plan.``- Local fire department feedback pertaining to designed fire safety plans

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