Fire Safety Inspection Services
and Training Provided

  • Vulnerable Canadian Fire Safety Review
  • Fire Safety Plans, Drawings & Training
  • CAN/ULC Inspections & Verification’s
  • Graphic Annunciators
  • Fire Extinguisher/Emergency Light Inspections
  • AutoCAD Drawings
  • Fire Drills & Training
  • Fire Code Review
  • Fire Alarm System Training (from a user point of view)
  • Integrated Testing/Commissioning for Building Fire Protection Systems
  • Fire & Life Safety Product Sales. Including Fire Extinguishers,  Emergency Lights, Other Safety Products
  • Fire Code Compliant Review for New or Existing Income Properties
  • Fire & Life Safety Systems Upgrade Project Management
  • Fire Department Consultation


RMcgill Inspections will customize training to meet your needs.

This could include, but is not limited to, the list of topics below:

Fire Safety Training Topics:
  1. Brief introduction of responsibilities and potential fines under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.
  2. Review of building resources and fire safety equipment.
  3. Staff responsibilities for Emergency Instructions and procedures relating to B3 Care occupancy.
  4. Fire extinguishment, control/confine and general fire prevention information.
  5. Fire Drills – Review types of fire drills and proper documentation. Review B3 fire drill scenario.
  6. Maintenance procedures for all fire protection equipment.
  7. Alternate measure for occupant/staff fire safety.
  8. How to read your fire safety plan drawings.
Additional training provided by RMcgill Inspections:
  1. Care Facility training on responsibilities, new technology and evacuation procedures.
  2. Fire extinguisher in-class training with hands-on experience (in-class only, no real fires).
  3. Fire alarm and/or remote annunciator training on how to operate and find information necessary to provide to responding fire department.
  4. Carbon monoxide training – symptoms and technology for detection.
  5. Fire Code compliance issues and questions answered.

Need a fire inspection or safety equipment?

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